The 3,000 Teachers Program is 100% free to access, and we need your help to keep it that way.

  • $10,000: 22 new lessons focused on teaching Health & Nutrition, and Teaching Gender Differences

  • $20,000: French-language edition of the program

  • $30,000: 22 new lessons focused on teaching Religious Differences, and Working With Students with Disabilities

  • $35,000: Arabic-language edition of the program

  • $45,000: 22 new lessons focused on teaching STEM and Students of Different Languages

  • $50,000: Fully Funded and Distributed to 3,000 Teachers

In 2015, 91% of all E-Gap donations went directly to our programs. Donations are used to help us create content and distribute the program to hard-to-reach areas throughout conflict zones and poverty-afflicted regions of Africa and Latin America.

Sponsor a Module


If you care about a particular content area, consider sponsoring with a $5,000 donation the development of one of the following modules:

Working with Victims of Trauma Developing Lesson Plans Leading Group Discussions
Developing and Administering Tests Teaching Students About Health
Working with Students with Disabilities General Communication Teaching Students of Different Religions
Overcoming Language Barriers Improving Student Test Scores
Working With Troubled or Misbehaving Students Teaching Specific Content Area (Math, Reading, Language Arts, Grammar, Science)
Teachings Students of Different Ages in One Classroom Teaching STEM
Improving Overall Student Performance Resolving Classroom Conflicts Teaching Students with Special Needs
Teaching Gender Differences
Keeping Students Engaged